Just click on a start project button. Fill the form and send us your project details and requirements, We’ll provide a quick quote after know your requirements and project details to start work immediately with a 50-50 payment system — before and after results.
The cost depends upon the requirement of your project. Our price list is available if you want to know our pricing policy. However, to get the exact quote of your project, please request a quote in the form below. We will make sure to provide you the quotation within 2 hours.
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A double quality control system is followed in our team. There are two levels — first, project managers, who check results according to our AI Rendering Analysis (AIRA). Followed by, mentors who evaluate the work for compliance with aesthetic quality standards of the studio.
Anything from hand sketches or even a video briefing. The most common references are drawings, architectural or design sketches, and mood boards. You can share your exact idea for a project, and can send us everything you have. Ideally, we prefer to work with the following formats of files: - for plans and drawings – CAD format, PDF or any other vector format; - for ready 3D models – STL, 3ds, max, obj.
- CGIREAL guarantees that any information about your company and projects will not be shared according to our Privacy Policy, which includes NDA;
- A standard and extended copyright is provided for the visual materials you get from us
- Payment is taken through transparent international systems.
You can communicate with managers and project teams all the time through our online CRM portal. You can share any queries, add comments, and check the progress at any given time.
Our team can work on any given number of projects simultaneously. There’s no limit, as long as you trust our team to provide you the best of results each time.
Yes, generally corrections are free.
We accept the following payment methods:

- Bank Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
- PayPal
No, you can pay half of the project's estimated cost at the beginning and rest you can pay after the final approval.
The HQ office of CGIREAL is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. However, you don’t need to go to our office to start any project with us, as we mainly operate as an outsource studio. To initiate the work process, you need to send us a form filled or can also chat with us to know the proceedings.
For an architectural rendering project the standard turnaround time is 4–5 days and for an interior design rendering project is 2–3 days. The actual TAT depends upon many factors, so it’s advisable to discuss the project requirement with our team before we could let you know the exact TAT.
We are always available to response with our online support system 24/7. You can call your Manager or leave a message in a chat of the project group at any time of the day or night. Our team will make sure to address your query as soon as possible.
An interior rendering is a process to show the interior space of a home, office, shop, lobby, bathroom etc. with the help of a 3D software. This is the most effective method to show clients how their interior space is going to look even before the work is started. This is the best tool to showcase the design of interior space. 3D interior designs are widely used nowadays.
Exterior Rendering is a process to show the exterior building, Villas, Landscaping etc. with the help of a 3D software where an image of a building, villa or landscaping is depicted as the real image of the future to help the clients sell their real estate projects. 3D exterior designs are most sought after these days.
A 3D Floor Plan or a cut section is to take a view of the space from the above. Unlike a 2D floor plan, the 3D floor plan gives a more detailed and clear picture where the size of the walls and all other features are clearly visible. The builders or the developers show these 3D floor plans to their customers so that they can visualize how the space of their interiors will look.
A 360-degree panoramic view is yet another powerful tool for the designers to showcase their designs to their clients. Unlike a still image from one angle, a 360-degree panorama is produced and rendered with 360 panoramic camera which is available in 3D software. The advantage of 360 panoramas is the client can rotate the image 360 degrees with the help of the cursor. The image can be rotated to left, right and top and bottom. The entire space can be viewed with the rotation of the cursor.